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Walking with a Demiurge,

by Patrick Hutchinson

From June 5 to August 2, 2008 in Aix-en-Provence

Retrospective of Jean Amado (1922-1995)

Georges Duby (of the French Academy)

Encyclopedia Universalis

Workshop visit

with Claudie Amado (wife of the artist) 

by Michel Reboisson, Saturday, June 12, 2010 

He felt so weak, that he built castles.

In the morning he started with sand...

Contemporary sculpture

by Dominique BOZO (director of the National Museum of Modern Art) and Paul-Louis RINUY (professor of history and theory of contemporary art at the University of Paris-VIII)

Encyclopædia Universalis

Amado, from doubt to stone. The sculptor died at 73

Article in french only,  from the newspaper Liberation by Hervé Gauville published on October 18, 1995

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