There is a complete inventory of Jo Amado's ceramic production. It also evokes exhibitions in France: the Salon d'Automne (1953), Galerie Mai rue Bonaparte in Paris (1953), Galerie Folklore in Lyon since 1953. And abroad: Wohnbedar and the Workshop in Zurich but also in Bern, Lausanne (Maison Steïger et Cie in 1951), Galerie "Au tournant" (rue du Bourg, 1953), Basel (Galerie Klingele 1953), Brussels (Maison Lemesre, Formes Nouvelles). Photos published in Maisons et Jardins (1948), Rythme (Belgian architecture magazine 1954), Architecture d'Aujourd'hui (reproduction of the fountain of the Sécu Marseille 1955), Möbel + Décoration (Stuttgart 1955), Elle (2 fireplaces in Aix) 1955.

While the couple ensured important orders for architectural sites, while practicing monumental, it continues to honor orders of small dimensions, such as ceramic plates for the houses of the Hamlet of La Garde, an order of the Shipyards of La Ciotat in 1953.